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Hodnotil uživatel U C.

18/05/2024 09:17

Hodnotil uživatel Lael K.

18/05/2024 06:59

Hodnotil uživatel Annie P.

cuisine traditionnelle simple mais raffinée. Personnel attentif. Bonne ambiance. Merci!

13/05/2024 12:19

Hodnotil uživatel Marie-Laure C.

Le service est un peu désinvolte, les plats corrects mais servis dans des assiettes à dessert. Tout ça manque un peu de générosité.

12/05/2024 07:19

Hodnotil uživatel Tim C.

A renowned minor temple a la gastronomie gascogne (Gascony: southwest France: Engands first colony - for nos amis Americains). Reservations recommandees., although by 20:30 (8:30pm a nos amis Americains) the mostly French-speaking European clientele had finished dining in the delightful ambience of a near-perfect French bistrot catering to lovers of cassoulet and soupe a l'escargot and had departed, leaving the about 30 covers to newly arrived American tourists seeking "the French bistrot ambience" which of course disappeared under the hooting anglophone american loudness (don't they have formes de politesses Aux E-Unis?). One wonders why they come - BUT the food is excellent, juste arrive avant les phoques !.

09/05/2024 07:19

Hodnotil uživatel Kristel G.

06/05/2024 04:32

Hodnotil uživatel Robert G.

When you are 99% vegetarian, what to do with the one percent left? Go to Bistro de l'Oulette and enjoy the best cassoulet in Paris and anywhere. OK, it's a heavy meat&bean dish, but for the one and only percent, it definitively is the best option.

06/05/2024 09:36

Hodnotil uživatel SANDRO S.

04/05/2024 08:39

Hodnotil uživatel Nicole Z.

02/05/2024 03:02

Hodnotil uživatel van der Grint F.

Rather disappointing experience. Food was modest - was more a tourist trap than a typical Paris bistro. Although the staff is pleasant.

01/05/2024 06:18